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  1. I was asked to post the pictures of the rebuild of my Fisher Norris anvil. While on a salvage hunt last year, found a poor Fisher Norris in the salvage yard. Bought it for $25.00 and brought it home. I don't have a picture of what it looked like then. Lets just say it was in terrible shape. The table was cracked, both edges were broken, chipped, and cracked. We ground out cracks (see the photos) and broken areas until it looked like a very poor boat anchor. My friends George and Bert grinding and watching to get to good metal. As you can see it was a real mess. I
  2. Very nice piece. I use a white vinegar and water solution to soak rusted / mill scaled parts in to clean them up. Works well and no hazardous materials.
  3. While it is not pristine, it is beautiful and usable. Make sure to post pics of your choice of stands.
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