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  1. Essentially all I have blacksmithed/forged knives mainly... I was told to make a drift u needed a angle grinder belt sand with so many grit, ect... But if I can forge one thats even better especially using a hammer head as a guide. Thank yall very much... Hammers are my next goal to make... Im self taught and using youtube as a guide..
  2. I need help finding a drift for hammers. I did some research and could only find hawk drifts... Theres a flea market that sales hammer handles cheap for like $1-$5... They are square handles which seem to be very common for older hammers... I need a website to buy one... I dont have the tools to make one as I am relatively new to this... Thank you for your time and response -J
  3. Thank you very much on the input and I shall further my search and knowledge by reading the posts. Special thanks to you... You have really opened my mind.... Im 19 and have been fascinated by blacksmithing for years... I have a welding certification because of it...
  4. I live in north america.. North carolina to be exact... I guess my real problem is I have a propane venturi burner but no forge yet due to lack of knowledge and a cheap local place to buy stuff
  5. I am completely new so I aoplogize for possibly posting this in the wrong category.... Anyways.. I am new to blacksmithing and need help finding material to build my forge... I need help sourcing castable refractory cememt... Firebrick... Ceramic fibre and rigidizer... If yall have some that you are willing to sale plz help... It cost way too much to order refractory cement online... _J
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