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  1. I do have time dont need it right away. But I do have some projects coming up in a few months that would benefit from a milling machine. Assuming its in good condition and all works well do you 4,000 is a fair price?
  2. What do you guys think about this Bridgeport that I found. Craigslist link removed.
  3. Thanks guys I have a bother in law that has 3 Bridgeports that were is dads and they are starting to think about breaking up the shop, they are over 3000 miles a way in Mass but from listen to you guys might me worth buying a trailing and going out there to pick it up.
  4. Hi yall thanks for feed back on iron workers. I am also looking to into getting a milling machine. I do light to medium fabrication in my shop, knife making and custom blacksmithing for the big houses next to the ski area here in Crested Butte Colorado. I don't have a huge budget and my shop is getting smaller and smaller every day. I have just been googling milling machines and getting your standard Jet and Grizzly brands. I have used a large Bridgeport in the old shop I worked in years ago and thats I know. I can't justify spend that kind of money though. Are the Jets and Grizzly's worth the money? I have a budget of about $4,000. Thanks for any feed back
  5. Hay Yall, So I am looken into getting a hydraulic Iron worker for my shop I have used a few different ones in my day. My favorite was a 55 lbs Edwards, small foot print but great power. Can anyone out there tell anything different? Is Edwards the way to go? I run a small custom metal shop mostly blacksmithing and medium to light metal fab work. It seem like an iron worker would help me out quite a bit. I have a good sized shop but it gets smaller and smaller every day so I would like to get the smallest machine that I can while getting the biggest bag for the buck. Thanks for any and all feedback.
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