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  1. Ok so a pile of pallot slacks saved would work faster or complete the job.i just have an odd forge i should get pics soon depending on snow fall. Also from what was mentioned xmas trees are not pine. So it would be better off leaving this wood for fires or mulch.:(
  2. With coal and propane being a fossil fuel. What if all the left over pine Christmas trees be stripped and have a way to bake out the moisture. I live between 5 large Developments all of the people barely get there trees to the curb. Does anyone have ideas the best way to cure and how hard it may be to char the main tree stalk. Example they be cut to 4 or 6 inch logs then split .. plus i believe my lean too will store this pine poles untill spring..
  3. I just purchased a very abused william foster 1857 i believe and like "nobody" said my heel is broken off. Besides also that some one used it for something odd there is hack saw marks on it. But they do not make much noise for there size. The one you got is a great find hope you enjoy a great looking anvil.
  4. Ok ill will look into the link. My uncle works for a large diesel shop, he may have some sort of springs. That i can cut and strighten. What is a decent project that can be done with these rail road spikes. As art or useable things. Simple is kinda what im working at untill summer.
  5. I have just started blacksmithing. Most of my scrap metal is railroad spikes found at flea markets. Normally i trace the spike on paper then set up the curves and design to what I want to forge. I am beginning with simple blade shapes, but then want to move into longer and more distinctive blades. What I haven't researched yet is how flat should one of these blades be and how far can you draw out, some of these scrap pieces. As in my most recent plans i have 5 an ahalf to 6 inches of train spike(as steel left over after handle) can i form a 8 in blade easily? Ps iv only had about 2 ok days of forging , still adjusting my forge and work space.