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  1. Glenn, I too came up with the same results. Sorry if I came across as lazy and didn't do my legwork. I'll be making some calls in the morning. The purpose of my pose was to hopefully weed out many of those results and find a couple places that others like. I was also hoping to find a few people in my area that might be able to help expand my knowledge and metalworking abilities. Bob, thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't even thought to contact a fab shop. Thomas, sorry for not specifying. Yes, mild steel is what I'm looking for, along with bits and pieces that I can use to construct the forge. Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated.
  2. Hello all! New to the site and relative newbie to manipulating metal with heat. I'm in the process of building myself a brake drum forge and am in need of some metal. I would rather recycle and not buy new if I can. Is there anyone here that knows of a scrap yard or location that I can come by scrap? I'm located in Columbia, Md and am willing to travel up to an hour to find a decent sized yard to pick through. I thank everyone in advance for any help provided and look forward to becoming a member of the blacksmithing community! Tim
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