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  1. Thanks Ian That's sounds good I think it's really good opportunity for me to meet blacksmith See you soon Enjoy your holidays Adrien
  2. Hi everyone My name is Adrien. I live actually in South Africa until July 2016. I am French. I am 20 years old. I actually working with a artist blacksmith in Cape Town during 3 months again, but I want to visit more workshops and discover more technics. It's why I a chose to contact all of you. My plan it's to do a trip of several blacksmith workshops in South Africa during 3 or 4 months. I don't do that for money, for me it's juste a great expérience for learn this beatiful and varied job. About my expérience : It's been 5 years since I started playing the Hammer in France a cross différent workshop and régions. In the begening a learn métalworking but I chose to become a artist Blacksmith. This year a chose to live this experience in South Africa because I love this wonderful country and meet some different cultures. It is also to work my English... I come in Cape Town in Septembre since the first week when I arrive I find a work and a house in Cape Town... But for the end of my year here I want to travel and meet some other blacksmith. If someone are interested about my project and wants to know more about my work send me a pm. Just some weeks or days with you, in your workshop in your town it's gonna be a great exchange and sharing moments. This trip will also help to know the South African blacksmith in France. Thanks for your help Best regard Adrien Corbin
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