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  1. Josh, glad to hear ya, I also started a business around the same time frame and I completely understand the time sink that can be, never mind on top of raising kids, we're all lucky that you're still sane!
  2. so, Hack a day stumbled across reactor forges Git hub page, hack a day article looks like they didn't notice the inactivity.
  3. Yes, they are new unused spikes, I managed to snag about a dozen of these from a gentleman at the local knife club in exchange for a railroad spike knife, a great deal! daswolf, I'd rather "get both" that is, quality and quantity!
  4. cool indeed, but I'd be worried about someone prying them off and taking them, I hope you left them in a decent neighborhood where theft is less likely.
  5. Just finished these two, and contemplating the handle for the bearded axe/hatchet. By the way, what is the difference between a hand axe, and a hatchet?
  6. Fergy, I'd try lining the inside of your tumbler with plastic or rubber, (mine's rubber) it'll last much longer and be significantly quieter! Ausfire, thanks for the complement, if you can't find a mixer, you can make a upscale knock off of mine easily with any cylinder. Though I think gas cylinders are a bit thick and heavy for the job. You could even make one out a 55 gallon drum if you're so bold!
  7. Right, here's a picture of the steel shot, it's from a few packages of steel sling shot ammo from Walmart. The rotary tumbler here, is the kind you'd use for polishing rocks or cleaning cartridge cases. Thing is, it knocked 90% of some really thick scale off for me, works fantastic, although it did round the sharp edges, though that might of been the two axes rubbing against each other since I put them both in at the same time.
  8. Some steel sling shot ammo, soap and water, and the tumbler took care of an entire days worth grinding and brushing off scale! Why didn't I think if this before?!
  9. Snaaaake, snaaaake, oh it's a snaaaaaake! seriously that is a good looking snake, I like how the threads give it a good scale like texture.
  10. Thanks, I'll have to try that another time frosty. But before I do another one, I might as well show off the finished version 5!
  11. Dogsoldat, I have but I dislike them, I think the straight lines break up the curvature of the piece. I have thought about taking a chisel to the edge of the "figure 8" portion of the vine to give it more of a plant like look. But I think the leaves are broad enough to avoid being mistaken for a snake, what do you think?
  12. fantastic work, I especially love the first item in your pictures. I gotta ask though, as a glass blower, is the glass always half full or half empty?
  13. cool, I'm saving your picture to my inspiration folder, I love identifiable re purposed stuff!
  14. cool, I've been thinking of picking up this technique in the future!
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