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  1. I also didn't know what to do with the burner cone. I didn't feel like flaring my own custom cone so I turned the threads out of the ID of a concentric reducer made from stainless. Is this going to work or is it too much of a transition from tube to flare for the flame? I am also currently looking for a gas regulator and hose set up is there anything particular that I should be looking for? I wish i could light it and just find out for myself but I figured I needed to understand a little bit more about the exact regulator that I need before lighting it up for safety reasons among others. Please keep in mind that I am new to Gas Forges.
  2. Here are some pictures of the Bruner and the potential donor tank. Also, pictures of the front door opening and work rest I will be applying to whatever vessel I decide on. burner...... Tank is 10" by 12" long. Build bigger? I have not collected all refractory material yet. I have 1.5" thick material in a roll and bricks. That's why I am here. Looking to iron out the details with the best advice I can get.
  3. Mainly welded diaphragm metal bellows technology. Applications range from medical devices to Joint strike fighter components, compressors, reservoirs, drains, hydraulic compensators, etc. It is a very diverse company. We build for oil and gas sub-sea as we'll as space exploration as well. Posting some pictures in the gas Forge forum. Pics more appropriately there I guess for others viewing in an active thread of mine. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/44773-burner-to-cubic-inch-relationship/
  4. Thank you sir. Taking pictures today.
  5. It is naturally aspirated. I just didn't think that making the chamber bigger than the work I will be doing in it made sense. I'll get some pictures in the morning.
  6. I have built a 3/4" t burner. Pictures to come. I was going to make the chamber inside my forge 250 cubic inches. Is this cavity too small.? Tank measures 10" diameter x 12" long.
  7. Hello all. New to the board and looking forward to reading, learning and sharing. I have been an aerospace welder for many years now and enjoy many other types of craftsmanship. I am currently building a gas forge and will be posting in the correct forum soon on the progress. Glad to be a participant. Stay tuned.
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