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  1. Thank you all for leading me to the next step of my research. I definitely have some planning ahead of me over this semester. I will touch back here around the end of winter to share what I've learned. I will also present the initial designs for some feedback and critique. Best of luck, -Tom
  2. If you tell me your email address I will send you a copy of a PA guild newsletter and a Maryland guild newsletter.

  3. I fear you may be right friend. I've yet to experience my own pang and already I can't turn my brain off.
  4. Indeed I completely agree that for learning forging, hands on experience would be far better than a simulator. However, the simulator is actually intended for later use in a fantasy RPG setting. Currently games like warcraft use a numerical based system for deciding skill, which requires absolutely no challenge on motor skills to the player. The idea is to have players creating custom items which are completely dependent on their own knowledge and ability with forging. The end result would also mean that they will gain some experience with blacksmithing, however abstract it is.
  5. One aspect I hadn't even considered yet, amazing to see how fast the juices got flowing. Spot on with how we discussed having the player interface with the 2 paddles while striking at the anvil! Great post! I'll be sending you a PM in the next hour or so.
  6. Yeah from day one on planning this I knew it would require a lot of hands on research. Which to be honest is why I really wanted to do this, manual labor has always been more rewarding to me than sitting behind my computer. Just don't tell the other design geeks at my school I said that haha.
  7. Thank you for the quick responses!!! I am located in Philadelphia, PA. I would be more than willing to travel anywhere in the north east part of the US if of course someone would have me. I am also no stranger to shops and job sites, incase your worrying about having a computer nerd around your work area . I will definitely be hopping on chat throughout the next few weeks to get some time to speak with you guys.
  8. Hello Smithies, I am currently working on a Design Manual for a forging simulator. However, being that I am not a smith myself, I could use input from your community. The general outline is as follows. Input / Output - How the user will manipulate the tools and items in his virtual metal working shop. - A Nintendo Wii controller will be used for the manipulation of the hammer and other various tools as well as the rotation of the ingots. - Multi-Touch Screen will be used for both viewing and selecting the various points of manipulation. It is intended so that an average person could p
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