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  1. ok guys thanks for your time.Funny, but the sword has been in a cabinet since the first post. I still don't want to mess with it until, what it is is determined. It's not like I'm hurting for projects. I guess the minute that happens I won't care.
  2. Thanks Latticino and frosty,. Part of the typing I lost before I said I had found a picture of a bayonet either German is Spanish with a similar handle but no swords. It's the reversed cutting edge and the way the tip is shaped that messed with my head. Hopefully we'll find someone who has seen this before or its a project went wild and just another costume piece someone put together and lost it until I got it. we'll see so thanks for your time and attention. Cause I don't know and I'm guessing all along. Eric ala stifffingers
  3. fern lost another bunch of typing. If anyone recognizes this please let me know. Thanks, Stifffingers
  4. Hello fellows and ladysmith Ive tried to introduce myself a couple of times, due to glitches in my phone or the net several long winded intro's lost in cyberspace. So now you get a quickie then to The point. My name I Eric MacKay. I was an electrician in NYC for about 25 years, moved to New Mexico took forced retirement and floundered until I started trying to be a blacksmith (which I'm still trying to do). Any way I don't want to lose this so Ill get to the point. I have a sword someone gave me. I haven't done anything with it and want to be sure of it's authenticity b4 I touch it and hurt its value or point of historical origin. I'm posting this to be followed with pictures and a little more facts about why I'm posting. thanks stifffingers.