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  1. Thanks ThomasPowers and GottMitUns. This is all very interesting. If the serial number is "A84860" is it still around 1909?
  2. My dad has this anvil in his shop, which they use on occasion. He is curious what he has. I'm 99% sure it's a Trenton. I haven't inspected it all over (it's mounted on a block of wood) but the foot below the horn has some stamped identification on it. I can't read it all, but a quick search reveals that some of it is probably a serial number, possibly a letter identifying who made it, and the weight. I weighed the anvil at 126 lbs mounted on a block of wood. The first two numbers are "23" and there is a vertical stroke before them that could be a numeral 1. If so, that correlates with a weight of 123 lbs. (Being an American anvil it wouldn't be in hundredweight and stone.) I thought the next mark was "4" but now I'm leaning toward an "A" representing the person who made it. And then 84860 as the serial number. (The second "8" was struck at an angle.) Any information or help would be much appreciated. -- Jon
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