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  1. Thanks guys y'all are really making me itch to get off work and start forging. Ive got some rail spikes and a huge half inch spring that prob weighs around 60lbs so I was thinking of trying to forge some tongs as my first project. Maybe a punch there after and a hammer to add to the collection of tools.
  2. Very beautiful setup and Im glad to see people have ingenuity to create such beautiful pieces of art even if others don't see it that way. Keep on the easy work, it only gets more fun!
  3. Thats a good Idea. I was wondering about that bc I actually cut out a machete black from an old greens mower blade and I didnt know how I was going to get it into the fire very well. I might know someone with firebrick as well so 4-6 pieces should work rather well. Thank you for the helpful advice. What do you mean by brush? I started this fire with some hickory that I cut up into small pieces and then I put some larger pieces in to hopefully char and later use for coke but as of today I only learned the meaning of coke and coal so Im still trying to figure out how I want to do this. Another question. I have a 10'x6' shed in my back yard that I actually keep my split wood in from the weather. I was pondering in my mind moving my forge into there since my wood would be nearby and I would have a place to call my forge room. I was planning on cutting a hole in the roof and making a smoke stack. What are yall's thoughts on this idea?
  4. Thanks for the welcomes. Yes I've gotten ahold of a small 10" long piece of RR track and I have an abundant source of used hydraulic and motor oil to quench with. Now all I need is some coke (made or bought) and I'm on the way to practice to my hearts desire. Is there any type of clothes for a safe forging process to wear bc in one to go out there barefoot and go after it. Everything I have acquired here I received for free so if there is some article of clothing I could make rather than buy I'd prefer to try and do that.
  5. Just a fancy oil drum I was able to acquire and cut at work. Sprayed down with grill high temperature paint. Hopefully this will preserve it a little longer. Now I just need some tools to work with and coke to burn.
  6. Hey guys Aaron here from Macon, Georgia. I'm a newcomer to the forging playground. I got an interest in forging when my friend brought a book (The $50 knife shop) to work for me to check out considering we both love knives. Ever since I started reading it I wanted to start hitting metal. I recently just finished my make shift coal burning forge made out of a 55 gallon drum and shopvac. I'm excited just being able to make a fire hotter than sticking wood into a fire pit and hope this will be a good start for me. I'm glad to of found this site today and am sure there are many helpful articles to get me on my way. Happy forging my friends.
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