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  1. That looks awesome. Well done!
  2. It is plaster of paris and sand. It was the simplest/cheapest starting point, I definitely want to upgrade to kaowool in my next one tho.
  3. I will try to get in contact with him. I'm very new to the hobby and wasn't sure how to find other's. Thanks for the contact!
  4. I have a paintcan forge I built for heat treating knives. I have had very mediocre success with getting it hot enough. I started with a bernzomatic torch and propane, upgraded to mapp gas and went to an oxy/map gas setup. The oxy/mapp gas set up has reached adequate heat treat temps, but I am going broke buying small cylinders to keep it operating (one 1.4oz oxy tank will heat treat two knives). I want to install one of frosty's T-burners in this but, I am considering building a whole new forge so I can get to welding heats to eventually start doing some Damascus work. To make a long story even longer, I am working in a small shop (12'x24') so size is a factor. I have very quickly come to appreciate the vast amount of experience and wisdom contained on this forum so before I start to construct another forge I would see if this one could work.
  5. BHein

    My first knives

    Thanks for the info and pic. I think that I could make something like that to work on my grinder. I have attached a pic of the grinder I made. I designed it to fit on my lathe to get the variable speed, however, I have recently acquired the motor and controls from an old treadmill and am designing another grinder to utilize them.
  6. That first folder is a work of art I can only hope to reach that level one day
  7. BHein

    My first knives

    cliffrat: I have not been happy with using the grinder for shaping, I haven't been able to get the plunge lines even, more practice is definitely required. I start with a filing jig I found online. first step is with a double cut bastard file, next a single cut file then draw file to smooth things out. I then hand sand with 400 to 600 grit till the finish is what I'd call satin. Then to heat treat in my small forge, clean up with hand sanding 600 to 320. After tempering I polish with 320 then on the buffing wheel with jewelers rouge. jumbojak: the wood I chose for the top knife is zebrawood, second from top is my first attempt at home-made micarta and the bottom knife is purpleheart.
  8. Here are the pictures I have of my first few knives. I am getting the plunge lines better, and the handle shaping is still a work in progress. I have discovered that getting the deep scratches out after hardening is VERY difficult, so I am planning on polishing more before hand. Any other critiques are certainly welcome.
  9. Hello. My name is Brian and I have finally decided to start to do some blacksmithing and knife making. I discovered this forum recently and have found a lot of great information. I have already made my own 2x72 grinder and paint can forge. So far I have created 5 "knife like" objects. I would love to post a couple of pics and have some feedback on what to do better or how to perfect the craft of bladesmithing. I am somewhat technologically challenged and cannot figure how to do that. Hoping to get to know some of you better. Cheers