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  1. I'm going to forge a 10 foot iron gate for one of them... to keep her out! For some reason she thinks she can come into our yard and help herself to our garden. I keep hoping she accidentally gets her hands on my habanero...
  2. Thanks for all of the opinions, suggestions, etc, you guys are fantastic. I spent a couple of hours last night just reading through tons of other discussions all over the board, so much info packed in this place. Glad I found my way here.
  3. Don't talk to the ex if you don't have to! But thank you. The farrier idea is a fairly new one that I haven't put a ton of thought into yet, but now that I am thinking about it, I'm realizing that I know more than a few people who deal with horses in one way or another and I can certainly pick their brains and ask for some contacts. For many years I wanted to be a horse vet, and always wished I could make a living as a blacksmith... Maybe I've just been missing my calling all along. I used to spend summers working on my aunts horse farms and really loved the animals and just the overall atmosphere. Blades and tools have always been what I've really wanted to bang out on my anvil, but the farrier thing is making more and more sense, I need a change in my life and work, I know it's a long road starting as an apprentice at my age, but gotta start somewhere, right? And what better time than now... Oh sorry, I forgot to answer your other questions. I'm in northwest Queens, pretty much at the foot of the 59th street bridge (grew up not far from Elmont though). I'd love to forge in my workshop in the basement, but even with a more than adequate air exchange system and keeping the propane tank outside, I'd be a bit nervous. Not sure if that's a good idea. I don't have a garage but do have a very small backyard. I could set up out there but either securing my tools/equipment or bringing them in and out every day would be a hassle. It's not a bad neighborhood but chances are very high that anything kept out back, even with a padlock on the gate, would walk away.
  4. xxxx, that's pretty harsh and inconvenient. There's enough trouble, conflict and general nosiness around here without asking for more. Just helps as an outlet to joke about "returning the favor" so to speak. Last thing I need is more interference from the wonderful city of New York. Thanks for the input and experience sharing.
  5. I think I kinda want to annoy them hehehe... They annoy the xxxx out of me. Any tips on making my anvil louder? I do have a PA system, I could stick a mic on it
  6. Thanks Charles, I will definitely take your advice. I'd never want to harm the animal with my incompetence. And my aunt would string me up if I did! I hadn't thought of the NYPD mounted unit, but a friend of mine is a former captain. If it's possible for a civilian to get in the door there even just to watch, I'm sure he can point me in the right direction.
  7. Thanks Frosty, glad to be here! Over the years I've sparingly "forged" only a handful of things. A couple of specialty tools, a knife, a couple of small scrolls. I put the word forged in quotes because I've never had an actual forge before. I've used various other less than ideal heat sources to shape steel into what I needed and quenched at less than ideal temperatures I'm sure. So as far as what I have in mind to make, I have a fairly widespread interest. Maybe that's not such a great approach for a beginner, but I was originally drawn to the craft as a child with an interest in making blades, then the ability to make my own tools fascinated me, especially since I could make a unique tool for a specific task, and lastly I really enjoy giving handmade unique gifts, which steers my interest in a thousand other directions! I know this has been a long answer to a simple question but there is one more thing. Only very recently have I felt an interest in possibly trying some farrier work. I have an aunt who owns and operates a horse farm not terribly far from me, so it could potentially be another source of income for me on a part time/get away from NYC for a few days a month sort of thing (if I don't completely suck at it that is).
  8. Dabbled for years, finally setting up an actual shop... My neighbors, who here in NYC are uncomfortably close to being my Siamese twins, are going to hate my guts! (But that's ok, although I am one, I'm not a huge fan of NY'ers) So, this seems like a good place, looking forward to getting to know some good people and learning a lot. I'll be using my homemade propane forge (made out of an old 20lb cylinder), a handful of old hammers, tongs, etc and a 130lb anvil I've had for about a decade. We'll see what happens!
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