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  1. Some that I completed... and the B&W photo (had to make it B&W since the fluorescent bulb is shot and made it way too trippy) of the 16" chef knife. I have an event this weekend and have to slice about 13 entire prime ribs... hoping to have it done by then.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I've got it all tuned up now. 3 burners tuned now that got me a nice heat treat on 2 (12") slicers, a mini Deba, an 8" Deba and my dream that started this whole project, my 16" blade gyoto. (The photo is when only 2 burners were on).
  3. No worries, I found the beginning of the solution. Removing 1/3 of a brick in the back reduced (I assume) backpressure and greatly increased the conditions in the forge. As far as my attitude, it was quite good to start with =) I spent hours in the chat room and had plenty of good conversation. On the contrary (to the car analogy)... I brought my car to the shop and said "I can usually do pretty well.. but I seemed to have missed something in my repair, any idea what it was?" The shop could have just said 'Well did you bleed the air out of the coolant lines after you replaced the pump?" A
  4. Lolz. You're a funny guy. I'm confused as to why you couldn't just come in with even one productive idea, comment, suggestion, request for additional information... anything really?
  5. It's about 575 cubic inches. Here is a video that shows how differently it runs even after a few minutes. The doorway burner runs decent but not enough power and hiccups up into the vent holes... the inside burner rarely ignites. video-1442015146.mp4.mp4
  6. The first video is on the low setting on the regulator. The second is cranked all the way up, to get an idea of how that's effecting it. video-1442014347.mp4.mp4 video-1442014360.mp4.mp4
  7. Original post edited with more information. Right now I'm just heat treating knives. Thank you, and I'm new-world local... only 1800 miles or so from you.
  8. Hey there. I am absolutely crash-coursing into forge making and metal working. I've gone through several crude forge designs and worked up to my current concept, that is a bit ambitious. I am having an absolutely ridiculous time getting by burners working properly. I am going to attach pictures to show what I have going on. Basically I have a 36" can lined with fire brick and refractory cement, that part holds heat so well! Then I use a 20# tank, low pressure regulator off of one of those tank-top heating burners, 3/8 OD hard copper lines, going to .35 MIG tips for burners. I have trie
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