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  1. 3 hours ago, C-1ToolSteel said:

    Great job! Definitely one of the better homemade forges I've seen. Only change I can think of is maybe cutting the edge out on both sides. Well, that and adding some light X bracing to the legs.

    Thank you!  I was hoping I did something right. I was thinking about cutting out the other side just wasn't sure. I do have 1" square tuning to make braces. I was waiting on my new blower so I could mount it to the brace at the proper level. 

  2. Hello, this is my first time posting here.  I started forging about a year ago and I decided I needed a better forge. It is all 1/4" steel, 4" tuyere with 2-1/2" inlet. The firepot is 11x6x5, don't know if that is too big. Trial and error for the first build I suppose.  Still have to make a lever for the air gate.   I will be using coal as coke is hard to come by in my area.  Any advice / criticism on improvements / upgrades would be appreciated.