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  1. possum

    Vice height for filing

    Yeah Frosty, the first project in gunsmithing school was filing a thread pitch gauge for a lathe. Gave two weeks for the project. Two tools: hacksaw and file. It was checked using a machinists square and holding it up to a light. If the instructor saw light between the pieces, keep working. Plus it had 4 60 degree angles to be filed in the same manner. This was for a $7 tool to buy one. I figured it it was a project to weed out people without the stick to-itiveness. The next 4 projects had the same scrutiny. possum
  2. Will the taps and dies still be usable after cleaning the rust off? possum
  3. taps and dies, really rusty. old milling machine. bed was all sloppy and had a machinist friend come buy. he said it was too worn out. 4'3" x 3 1/2" round HEAVY metal bar. I was thinking of taking the bed off the mill and using as part of my welding table. The round bar I was thinking of maybe making either cutting or punch plates since my anvil is just a 6" cube of steel welded onto a 6" x 1" x 2' tube and not hardened. Also though of making dies for power hammer or press later on. It's a lot of metal but was wondering about other ideas before my wife has me scrap it. possum
  4. No I don't. I have a few profile shots but the files were too big and wouldn't upload. I'll try to get another one. possum well, for some reason it wants to be upside down. I tried to fix it. Oh well.
  5. It started as a Nicholson 10" file. It was my first lessen in the metal doesn't go away, it just stretches the knife. The blade is 11" and about a 4 or 5 inch tang. The guard is just a piece of rebar and the the elk antler handle. It has acted like my machete and I love the hammered finish. Even though the hammer marks can be seen. Will it pass the ABS test? Don't know... won't ever find out. possum
  6. This is my first anvil. Got it about 13 years ago. I found it half buried in the ground in the woods behind a house I was staying in. I was told it a boat anchor. iIt has a metal ring in the top I used to carry it around. possum