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  1. Looking forward to using it! The only problem remains is moving the great lump from the front (two feet from the car) all the way to the back garden where i intend to use it... Thanks for all the replies! Now I know what I'm looking at It will command a bit of care and respect.... but only a bit
  2. It does go all the way through, Looks like its taken some surrounding metal with it; punched perhaps!
  3. Thanks guys. As requested; more pictures! The pritchett is at the front by the horn
  4. Hah, thanks Dave! I will do! My dad is currently making a pressure release for the forge you sold me. Looking forward to getting things going!
  5. Pretty sure it's Iron, pretty sure its old! Can anyone tell me who you think made it? It's around 250lbs
  6. Hi guys, I went and played at being a blacksmith for a few days back in march (with a very skilled & extremely patient tutor). I've just got myself a forge, some tools and an anvil (Iron @ 250lbs approx I believe, pics to follow!) which I managed to get cheap. Ill be looking at starting up within the month once I have a vice. Any tips, encouragement would be appreciated. I may also be calling on you to tell me what my anvil is as it appears very old! Thanks, Thief
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