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  1. Fense

    New forge

    Thanks guys for all the advice I will have to try some of them and see if it helps and let you guys know.
  2. Fense

    New forge

    I got a new forge my first and trying to get it to the right heat and have the proper flame is troubling me. The flame seems to get stronger and then starts popping . Does anyone have any ideas that could help me out ?
  3. Sorry Biggundoctor I will try and watch language from now on. Im in Chinatown
  4. I wanted to say hello I'm new to black smithing and this sight. I'm looking for others in Las Vegas that I could maybe learn from and pick up some old tools from. Or just shot the xxxx and have a glass of Jack with.
  5. My bad guys I thought it put in Las Vegas on my profile I will make sure to update it all.
  6. Hello I'm brand-new to metal forging . I did a little welding back in the day almost 15 years ago . But lately I have been craving to work with my hands again but I don't know where to start . I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind taking me under their wing and teach me a little bit I would like to also start buying and building my own set up at my house . I live in Chinatown but am willing to travel around the valley to meet and learn . Please shoot me an email if anyone is interested in helping out a novice but I'm extreme quick study . I would have no problems paying for lessons
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