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  1. Wondering if using 'OSPHO' or another similar product to convert surface rust on an anvil would be detrimental in any way ? Is there a particular, accepted procedure for cleaning up these things? Anything that should definitely not be done? Thanks.
  2. Lifting it, it seems to weigh about that much (100+ lbs.) As I stated in the initial post, I'm sure on the 'BRISTOL' name; not so much on the 'ROYAL, though it does look very much like an 'R' at the beginning and an 'L' at the end of that first word. Btw, in the 2nd photo, the round item in the hole beneath the horn is a pipe or piece of conduit someone inserted (part of a 'handle', perhaps? . . . ) that looks like it'll come out fairly easily. Gonna try and post some photos . . . A couple more. Not sure you can enlarge them enough to make out the stamping. I did a pencil rub on paper over them and they came out a little clearer. Will post those photos tomorrow if necessary. Appreciate the info provided, btw.
  3. I located an old anvil in northeast NC (USA) that is a colonial style, with a stamp on one side that I believe to say: ROYAL BRISTOL I'm certain of the 'BRISTOL'; not positive on the 'ROYAL' . . . On the opposite side, there is a date (or perhaps a weight stamp?) that looks like '1 _ _ 2' but it's very rough. Any thoughts, opinions ? Thanks.
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