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  1. I already have most of it built I just need the cooling tank and sand or dirt it's cost me 25 dollars so far I had most of it in my " steel depot" haha.
  2. I have a 55 gallon drum I can cut down about half and I can use the other half for an anvil stand hmmm I agree with the ammo can idea but I only have a 30 cal ammo can and I'm using that for its intended use. Thanks for all the great ideas.
  3. Ok thank you I'll post pics when I'm done( if I'm not ashamed of my welds lol) for the water tank for the tueyere what can I use?
  4. Thank you I was worried about that
  5. I just drew that real quick the other night to figure out dimensions and stuff i just haven't been able to transfer it to my graph pad yet and what scale do you guys usually use for the graph paper I'm real bad about that I always make it to big or small
  6. Yes I'm going to use a water cooled tueyere the drawing I have isn't the best it's a little sloppy and hard to read but here it is it's not to scale and some of the measurements might be off the middle of the air pipe will be up 6" from the bottom
  7. I'm building a side blast forge out of 1/4" steel. It's 10" deep 20" wide and 30" long the fire will be 4" down and 5" away from the back wall. I will fill it with sand my question is will play sand be okay. And for the water tank would I be safe to use a galvanized bucket or will it get too hot
  8. Yea the anvil is at a good height for me the vise I just use to bend small stock for hooks and small stuff like that
  9. my vicemy first blowerthe forgemy new blowerrail anviltongstongs scrapfuel sorry for the side ways pics
  10. The main thing I need is a couple more tongs. But I'll make those
  11. Once I get my phone fixed I will post a couple pics but until then. I have a brake drum forge a railroad track anvil. my blower is a hand cranked tiger blower that I restored. I'm looking at a hay-budden anvil on craigslist I'm just waiting for the funds. Haha!
  12. I'm new to the forum I've looked around a bit but this is my first post. I'm new to blacksmithing I have made a knife out of unknown steel and it turns out it doesn't harden so I guess I'll use the rest of that bar for other stuff. Any tips for a beginner it would be appreciated.
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