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  1. Thank you all for the feedback! I'll do some more research before cutting them up. I would have to make a decent profit though for it to be worthwhile. I live in a small town 2 + hours away from the nearest city which is where I got them for $100 and probably where I would have to take them to sell. Add that to the fact that anvils are over priced and hard to find here. So I'd be happy just making an anvil out of the tines. I'll put some more thought into the design based upon previous input. I was originally thinking along the lines "BIGGUNDOCTOR" was in that I would have 4 pieces laid on the
  2. Here's a picture of the back side. I think I have seen some this size before on larger 10-15K forklifts and they are HEAVY. Each one probably weighs nearly as much as I do. Wouldn't that be ironic? I buy some scrap forklift tines to make an anvil and turn around and sell them for enough $ to buy an anvil. lol But, I assume that since they are used and have some wear they are likely out of spec now and couldn't be re used. They're probably only worth their weight in scrap.
  3. I have recently acquired a set of fairly good sized forklift tines that I would like to make an anvil out of. They stand 4 feet tall, are 4 feet long, 7 inches wide and 1 3/4 inch thick. It took me a little effort and money to get these so I want to make sure I get the most anvil I can out of them. I have seen many different examples here and elsewhere on the internet of forklift anvils. For those of you that have made them what is the most effective use and design? I am completely new to blacksmithing and am not sure exactly what I need in an anvil. I could obviously make one with a large fac
  4. Thanks, I'm glad I decided to make due with whatever I could find that works, rather than wait around for the money and do nothing. I hardened and tempered my tiny makeshift anvil this evening. Couldn't quite get it to heat evenly and come up to critical temp all at the same time. Although I probably didn't do the best job I did a before and after file test and it is a bit harder than when I started.
  5. Hello all, My name is Tim and I live in McCall, ID. I have been interested in blacksmithing for a couple years now and have been frequenting this site and others for info; as well as reading a couple of good books (The New Edge of the Anvil and The Art of Blacksmithing) as recommended on Anvilfire. The only experience I have working with metal is a handful high school shop classes which was more than a couple of years ago now. For the last year or so I have been waiting for the $ to magically appear to buy a real anvil and build/buy a proper forge. That hasn't yet happened so I got fed up a co
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