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  1. Ps you guys will get pictures of everything that you help me accomplish.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope this is not a "throwing myself to the wolves" kind of thing, but even if it is, I'm used to learning the hard way. Anyway I'll get straight to the point, all I have ever wanted is to have my own woodshop. Now don't get me wrong, I love and admire the blacksmith, the trade as well as the man, however, wood grows on trees, and metal lives in the earth. I do have one problem though, and it's got a lot to do with liking to make things. I've tried 'smithing, it is just a little too expensive and I have had trouble securing a decent anvil, and a forge, which is pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell. But before I go dig a hole in my backyard and fill it up with coal and rig up a shop - vacuum and drive the neighbors crazy, I wanted to ask if anyone would please share any experience they had making wood chisels. I know they can't be the most difficult item to forge, I just have found about zero videos of people doing it. I'm talking no bigger than 1"x6-8" most smaller than that. If I knew a smithy I would just ask him to show me or let me work in his shop. I'm just tired of buying cheap Chinese crap worthless chisels. I want my own, and I'll forge em if I have to. Any information you have on this subject would be gratefully appreciated. Ornate whittling is something my grandfather taught me but woodcarving is my next step and I've gone through some chisels in the process. That is all. JTD
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