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  1. Frosty, thanks for the offer for follow-up help! Here are pictures of the forge, as I'm tuning it currently. It goes pretty quickly from very messy, dragon breathy flames to concentrated blue very quickly. As you can see, I have bricked up the back of the forge (which is closer to the wall) to concentrate the heat. Thanks again for all your help and welcome. Forge on!
  2. Hi everyone, Thank you. So much. For the thoughts. ...That was definitely it. What a terrifically embarrassing oversight.
  3. Hi folks! Thanks so much for your thoughts. Sorry the photo links didn't work. Here are some images.
  4. Hello, blacksmiths!Thanks for taking time to look at my post. I was recently gifted a small propane forge. It was built by a friend who has passed away. As far as I know, he used it, in the condition it's in, regularly and successfully, for all kinds of small forging projects. I have been trying to troubleshoot what's going on with it. Here's what happens: When I turn on the propane (there is no PSI meter or guage, just an open/close valve) then turn on the gas for the forge and light it, flames at least a foot tall leap from the forge front and back-- and continue on like that (no matter how open the propane or the forge valve is) until I turn it off. I tried closing up with forge with firebrick, so there was a smaller opening, and it just blackened the entire inside of the forge as the flames tried to leap out. Photos of the set up:THE PROPANE: THE FORGE: FLAMES: -(even after running it a while, no hotter blues appear, and the black gunk builds up.)Does this mean that it's too oxidized? That the forge is too small? Or am I doing something silly? Thanks very much for any thoughts,Rocky