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  1. Any idea as to the vintage Pre-1900? or more like 1900-1930 area? Are there things to look for?
  2. I will defer to experience on the machining, and not do it. I am new to this and I was worried about the divots and bumps transferring to the piece I was working. I will try and hammer out the rises and give it a little clean up. I will take some pictures after completed. Did all PWs have brand stamping and weights? Anyone have any clue as to the "H"'s? I have been googling and seen a few other PWs with one or two of them on the front foot. Inspector? North American Distributor? Importer?
  3. Very proud to say I picked this anvil up last week for my shop, and am looking to identify the brand and vintage. This will be my new main forging anvil so I am looking to clean it up and mainly want to know it's story I think it is a Peter Wright from the research I have done by design of the feet but I am a newbie at anvil identification. I weighed it and it is a hair under 300 pounds I believe it is Forged Steel construction. It has no markings other than a "H" on each side of the front foot. I have cleaned up the sides and nothing. It looks as if the machinists tested there punches on th
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