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  1. Actually I found a piece of granite for free and I'm going to build a base of using wood and sand to add weight and stability. I won't be doing any heavy hammering on it until I get a better feel and nothing large for sometime. I also have some steel with a flat surface I found in a scrap bin locally. I don't like the shape on it much and feel that the granite will serve me better starting out. I haven't been able to complete my 2 brick forge yet, but hopefully tomorrow night it will be finished. I did hear there is a place in Anchorage that sells the soft fire brinks. Does anyone know the supplier's location? Thank you for all the great advice.
  2. How does a newbie in Fairbanks join the group?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm not quite new to Alaska, but new to smithing. I'm located in Fairbanks and wondering if anyone else on the forum is near here. I'm still in the process of gathering materials, my fire bricks for a two brick forge arrive tomorrow, and very much looking forward to getting started. An anvil is still a slight problem for me though. I know where i can snag a rail from, however, I don't have a way to transport or cut it at the moment. I'm very open to suggestions and information everyone has to getting started.
  4. I'm just starting out in smithing and looking for something to use as an anvil. I plan to upgrade in the future. I understand there are a variety of options for starter types of anvils including rails, however, transporting and then cutting them is still a problem for me. I'm located in Fairbanks, AK and open to suggestions or leads. Thank you in advance.
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