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    Welding all processes - though I have a particular fondness for Stick, Forging Steel as a means of both Function and Design and lastly, All things Summer Camp. Specifically, my Skilled Trades Area Program and help the Rangers with maintenance and repairs. (I'll admit, I enjoy the little ego boost from being the most experienced welder on camp -aside from the occasional Scout Master who doubles as a journeyman!)

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  1. I'm sorry I disappeared there for a while! It's getting to be crunch time at school, so I've had to put blacksmithing on the back burner. But you all have been extremely helpful! Thank you so, so much. Take care! (And wish me luck on finals ha!)
  2. I want to meet whoever was the first one to be like walking scooping kitty litter and then thinking, "ya know what, this'll do just the trick!" How does it stand up in the heat..? Do clinkers like to cling to it? I have absolutely no idea basis of knowledge about kitty litter, haha ours are all outdoor beasts.
  3. ...this is true. Do you have to grind it up or pulverize it or anything? I watched someone destroy a coffee grinder on youtube the other day for just that purpose. Seemed like there had to be a better way.
  4. Frosty, I am definitely keeping that Naval Jelly trick up my sleeve for future use. Either way, I'm still on the fence. I would like to do a new forge build, especially if it's an eventuality anyways. The only issue is finding the material and the time. During the summer season when I'm teaching classes day in and day out, so I don't have a ton of time to put aside for scouting out the right drum, planning the build..I have a bad habit of being too meticulous about my projects, so they take way longer than they should. Anyways, yeah, I'm in west Michigan, definitely not as cool as the UP thoug
  5. Thanks Frosty! No, it doesn't have any sort of marking that I can tell. And it's so light weight that I'm not surprised that it's meant to be replaced. I'm really just avoiding replacing the pan for sentiments sake, as I inherited it from my grandfather. Kinda like Theseus' paradox, of the Grandfather's ax which has had the head and handle replaced. Anyways, functionally, I know it's a silly argument, but I'd rather at least try to keep the pan alive for as long as possible. I'm on board with your clay and sand idea, what do you mean by burnish? I've only come across that term in leather
  6. Indeed, I focused on ceramics for a few semesters in art school a few years back, so I'm familiar with clays. But I've never worked with clay in this fashion, so I'm in the dark. I wish I could post a picture of the pans condition, but it's currently in storage, so I can't access it right away. However, I did text my friend who owns the shop where it's kept, and he will hopefully send along a picture shortly. In the mean time, I found a few photos of forges in similar condition with the same type of build. One photo from another forum post: Pancho07 posted this picture:
  7. Hi all, I've got a Buffalo rivet forge that's the brink of death; the blower is a little champ but the hearth pan is another story. If I don't do something to line the pan is gonna be a goner for sure. I found a picture of a forge almost identical to my own on ebay. (see picture) When I asked the seller how he went about lining the pan he reported to using tile mortar; which seemed dubious to me. So I delved into the iforge forums and found two promising posts. The fist, complements of Charles R. Stevens: He suggested "...buy powderd clay, (fire clay) and mix it with sand
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