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  1. Nope, I'm out, I'll learn on my own, clearly you people are over sensitive and can dish out insults but not take someone asking to stay on topic. I honestly don't think it would benefit me or be worth my time to beg people with such ego and such a superiority complex. Go ahead and ban me from your site, I really don't care. I won't be wasting my time on trying to get in with this particular communit, after all I don't NEED any help I just thought it would be nice to work with someone else.
  2. I'm saying I highly respect the art, take it as a complement, calm down. I'm only on this forum to find someone to teach me a little more, if you can't or don't have any information I'd prefer no comments than comments with no info. When you post on the internet you are opening the door to anyone who wishes to reply, If you can not deal with that, then perhaps you are the one that should not be posting, for a guest to come into my house and tell people they may not post here is pushing your luck.
  3. Oh I'd never overlook a blacksmith, although my goals are blade oriented, blacksmithing is a dying art and a skill worth learning as much as you can. I mean sure you can buy machine made stuff that's faster and each piece is identical but something made by hand you get more than a piece of metal, you get a piece of the artist, sometimes literally, but the piece will have personality and every piece is unique.
  4. Ther reason it was in other areas is because I figured people would be more likely to see it and one of them had a more detailed header like Frosty suggested. As I said before I don't do forums so I figured different areas ment different people in those areas so someone looking for tools wouldn't be looking in knife making or swordsmithing and as swordsmithing and knife making were 2 different areas I should post to both.
  5. Is there any way I can edit the header so I don't clutter up the forum with copys of the same stuff? I'm new to the whole forum thing in general so I'm not 100% on how anything works..
  6. I'm from northern NH and an aspiring bladesmith and I'd love to connect with someone who could give me some hands on training. Watching videos and reading articles is fine but I'm a hands on kind of person. If there is anyone who could help me out I'd really appreceate it. Chris
  7. I'm an aspiring bladesmith in the Whitefield littleton area of northern new hampshire and I'm trying to find someone who could give me some hands on training and if anyone knows someone who could help be out it would be greatly appreciated. Chris
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