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  1. Well didn't mean temper but to harden same concept all I'm asking is if I quenched the whole d bit axe would that ruin ability to correctly temper each edge because it differs from one edge where all I have to do is quench the one edge until the certain color appears
  2. I just threw in fire to burn off broken handle long time ago it's 5 lb head 9.5" /3" just need to know if it's annealed because i let it cool after it set oil on fire and left it there to cool. Don't know how to quench to correctly temper both edges
  3. I threw my d bit in fire until red then threw in shallow pan of motor oil which combusted then left sit until cool. Now looks black wit a reddish color wondering if annealed properly and if heat treating is more complicated than single bit axe
  4. found these cleaning out old barn also found a wrench handle that has a ring attached to the end(no picture). any input on vice worth or what tools are named/used for is appreciated. thanks
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