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  1. I'm using the Hofi syle side draft . I have never had a problem. It draws very well,I never have any smoke inside the shop,it's very simple.
  2. Idont mean to sound really spupid, but what is a monkey tool, what does it look like and what do you use it for?
  3. I'm just learning this blacksmithing thing ,and so far I just love it . I get out in the shop and loose alllll sence of time. I'm putting up a new shop. It's a double carport and I put wood ends in it.My question is I don't know if I should put the chimney out the side of the wall,then up ,or up through the roof . Up through the roof I will have leaking problems,if I go through the wall I might have draft problems. I will be using 14inch signal wall pipe for the chimney.
  4. I'm putting up a new shop ,and it will be heated with a wood stove. My question is . Is it a good idea to run the wood stove and the forge chimney togather ,and if so how big should it be. thanks... @ [email protected] yahoo.com
  5. thanks steve.I'm finding out that blacksmithing is not just hammering iron,but i'm learning
  6. when you guys are talking about steel ,and you give a number like 4140 or 1018,what do the first two digets mean,i know the last two are carbon
  7. Hi, I'm just learning the blacksmith trade. I'm a retired truck driver and all the years I was driving I always found blacksmithing fastenating,so now I can try my hand at it.
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