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  1. My R&D Group is developing a new switch point detail and needs a rail bloom to make prototypes. To get this material we ordered probably the biggest knife blank on record today. It is 8" X 10" in cross section and 54 feet long. This would make a lot of blades! nitewatchman
  2. I just realized you were in Italy, ignore what I have said as it applies to the US only. I hate it when this happens.
  3. The Coach Screw Spikes are not ours. They are sold by a domestic company but made in China. The material can be almost anything as long as it passes a tensile test and a bend test. We donot use this source due to the variability of the steel. The chemistry of the steel tin the e-Clips sounds a little low for the carbon. These are correctly called an E-2055 clip and were originally made by Pandrol until their patent expired. They are now widely copied in China and India with varing results.
  4. What you have here are correctly called Coach Screw Spikes and they are intended to attach Tie Plates to Wood Ties. They are usually made from AISI 1045 or AISI 10B22. These were likely made by my company, what is the Head Mark (letters on the heads)? nitewatchman
  5. Unfortunately Rebar is made to a mechanical specification and the chemistry can be almost anything. Chemical copmposition from bar to bar can be very inconsistent. nitewatchman
  6. My company operates two Manganese Steel Foundries producing Railroad Frogs. We have two 10,000 pound furnaces and two 4,000 pound furnace capable of about 3000F. During tapping of the melts we bubble argon through the molten steel to floculate impurities and float them to the surface. These impurities, oxides and dirt are then skimmed off as slag by tilting the ladle and using steel tools shaped like rakes. The steel will indeed coat the rake with a thick coating of metal. Granted due to the nature of Manganese Steel we run very little superheat so the tendency of the manganese steel to melt t
  7. SDI has a Rail Mill in that area where they roll new rail. A visit and a question might score you a drop. nitewatchman
  8. I have a 12" and a 24" rock saw and use mineral oil in these. I get the oil at Walmart a little cheaper than anywhere else I have found. I will go in and buy out all they have, typically 8 to 12 quarts. Since they sell it for a laxative, I do get some funny looks. I have also found that it may be filtered through two brown paper bags one inside the other and it comes out as clear and clean as new. I have two plastic buckets, a five gallon and a seven gallon that fit insude each other. the five gallon has holes drilled in the bottom. the five gallon is placed inside the seven and the two bags
  9. You have yourself an antique. The code may not be complete but the first blush is a rail made in February 1954 of Open Hearth Steel to a Canadian Pacific Specification although this doesn't mean it was sold to CP or even in Canada The carbon content is likely .6% to .7% with some Chrome and it would not be heat treated or hardened. The "ball" or head will likely be hard due to work hardening. Welding should be done after preheating to 600F until soaked thru and then post heated for 1 hr at 600F and allowed to slow cool. E7018 electrode is a good choice, but E6011 or E6013 willl also work whi
  10. Does the rail have any identifing letters or numbers on the web? This will suggest what the chemistry is as it can vary considerably from .4%C to 1.0%C. What is the width of the base and the height?
  11. Just curious , did you attempt the AR repair.
  12. An easy way to make a tapered reamer is to make it like a D Bit. Turn or form the taper you want and then grind one side away till you reach the diameter and hone flat. A fulfilling operation to make your own but I would just buy a Taper Pin Reamer.
  13. Unfortunately there is no uniform specification for AR500 material other than hardness and the chemistry and Heat Treatment will vary from mill to mill. A representative chemisrtry is C-.30%, Si-.70%, Mn-1.70%, Cr-1.00%, Ni-.80%, Mo-.50% and B-.004%. Surprisingly the Boron @ .004% has a huge effect on the hardenability of the steel and an even bigger effect on the response of the Heat Affected Zone. In the HAZ where the temperature is in the 600F to 850F range the impact strength of the material can decrease to near zero due to the presence of carbides and untempered Martensite. We have learne
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