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  1. I picked up a vise grip a while back at a flea market, I think it has Jessie's name stamped on it. Definitely the most well made vice grip I have or have seen. Wonder if it was USA made?
  2. Condolences to the Sarver family. I saw a post go by on facebook and was floored. Had to follow up and see what happen. Met him at a conference, bought a few tools.. It was easy to respect his knowledge and love of the craft. He was a great asset. Rest In Peace.
  3. OK.. Anvil Trivia.. My wonderful new anvil looks like a Trenton, has an hourglass indent in the bottom, a casting seem down the middle front of the base below the waist only, on the front left foot are the markings "M156" (only the M is sideways) and the front right foot is stamped "A61041". Whats my story? Anyone got Postman's book handy?
  4. Yeah, I was hoping that Grant would pop in Isn't a lot of cold rolled 1018? I thought that mild hot rolled tended to run with a little more carbon in it...
  5. I've spent a lot of time thinking about building a similar tool as this one I just found for sale online: Marker I noticed that the description says not to use cold rolled stock with this tool. Why not? I like working with cold rolled, and I know a lot of talented smiths that do as well. Why wouldn't it work with cold rolled? Thanks, Jim
  6. My understanding is that the flattened out portion is what acts as a spring.
  7. Here is a link to the story online, which has imbedded video. The video shows the shirt. http://www.wcsh6.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=113817&catid=2 There is a good chance the smith is Adriaan Gerber, an instructor at the school.
  8. Nice Jed. I did this a while ago, and it came out looking very similar to yours, though I did a different pattern with filed in lines instead of drilled in spots. It was great fun. I carried it in my pocket for weeks. It was nice to show it off when folks asked what I did 'blacksmithing'. Anyway, some where a long the way I lost it. I hope someone got a kick out of finding it!
  9. We pulled a hundred or so out of our house (1890s) when we re-did the windows. I lined a path that gets particularly muddy with them. They make OK stepping stones :P
  10. Hey thanks Bill. I really appreciate it. Hopewell sounded like a pretty neat place. With such a long history too it. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it and its neat to hear that it had a good influence on you!

  11. Jim,
    I enjoyed the new post on BlacksmithNews today. I visited Hopewell Village as a young lad on a family trip. I watched them make sand molds of trivets and pour the molten metal in them. I was facinated and it started my interest in Blacksmithing.

  12. I've forged a hanger for the shower head in our old bathroom. I left on a very thick coat of beeswax, and used it as is. It never rusted in over the year and a half we used it. Left it at the house, and haven't heard anything from the new folks about it.
  13. Nice work! I especially like the coat hanger.
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