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  1. Hello from Utah

    I haven't focused on anything very specific yet, just been working with steel so far. I've practiced several leaf keychains and have had a few turn out, my first chisel was easy and I was able to successfully harden and heat treat it. I've attempted 2 pairs of mini tongs out of 3/8" that weren't keepers. So one next goal would be to figure out flat tongs and bolt tongs so I can make my own. And aside from tools and leaves I've started a small pair of wall hooks and made one successful bottle opener.
  2. Hello from Utah

    Hey everyone, I'm new to forging and this site looks like it has some great info as well as inspirational talent. I just recently got started in my garage with a small fisher anvil and a single burner propane forge I bought from a local smith. I've been to one bfc meet locally and hope to attend more. It's great to finally start practicing some basics and I'm excited to learn more!