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  1. Wow that does run a chill down your spine to think if someone had those in a dark alley, but they seem like an incredibly cool piece as far as the craftsmenship and skill required to make them.
  2. What is the weirdest thing someones asked you to make or that you've made? My cousin once asked if I could make a solid steel door knob.
  3. Hey Dogsoldat that sounds alot like me when I was ten. Anyway, the strangest thing to ever lirk in my ragtag shop was a half dozen or so desert geckos that fancies one corner of the area. So exciting I know!
  4. Lol Thomas, my smithy currently works under the name Jersey Boy Forge! Hey Dodge, I will have to start doing that. All the hard forging in the wonter and the finishing in the summers.Anyway I would l9ve to have a swamp cooler in my shop but the size only allows for a box fan, though it doesnt get much use as there is normally a breeze. That breeze is a curse and a blessing all in one though! Its cooling which is great but, it really messes with the old gasser when i've her running.
  5. Hello all! To say I'm excited to be here would be an understatement! Anyway, I do live in Arizona and have for the past 4 years. However, I do originally hale from the great state of New Jersey!!! It was a collective decision to move Arizona though, as it is where all of our family is. I am 14 and have been trying to get a start in the smithing world for a few months now but, an outdoor "shop" and 116 degree temps in the summer quickly put an end to that. Or at least made my sessions much shorter and spread apart. With the winter or more like fall coming, I guarantee I'll get much more work done! Anyway, I've been reading things on these forums for a while and decided that maybe I should quit stalking threads and make an account! In conclusion, I can say without a doubt that I'm excited to be here! -Travis