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  1. i'm sure this has been asked before, but didn't see it as I looked.
    It's funny all these neww anvils have appered. I got one today. Not sure what brand it is. It looks like it has a LMF on it. My bathroom scale says it weighs 175 lbs. Can anyone tell me what kind it is or how much it's worth. I guy gave me the anvil (by the way it looks almost new) and 4 pairs of tongs with germany stamped on them. He also gave me a pole vise and a big hammer. He is checking on a forge with blower and all. God is good.

    thanks for your help

  2. do you have any coating on that ceramic blanket in the forge? if not buy itc100 and apply it ASAP. ceramic insulation(kaowool, inswool) is a respiratory hazard when hot, plus the flames will ruin it in no time flat.

    I don't have a coating on the blanket. I wear a mask, because I was told about the respirtory hazard. I was also told the fire wouldn't hurt the kaowool. If this is not the case I will get some coating. Any leads on where to buy it?

  3. Nice spike knife....that was also my first project. Why a new forge? Are you now able to get white hot? I can't seem to get past bright orange heat yet.....burners need more tweaking methinks!

    I made the new forge because the other one was not working like i thought it should. For one, my burner was right in the middle of the forge. Also, after adding the kaowool, I only had a few inches wide in the forge. My new one is bigger and I positioned the burner at the top to roll the flame.

    I have not reached white hot yet, but my regulator got stuck. I got to get another one Monday. I am also going to make a coal forge in the next few weeks ....I hope

    Thanks for the comments
  4. This is funny. I did the same thing last night. I made a gas forge a few weeks ago. Never could get it to heat right. Got my kaowool in Saturday and got it put in on Monday. Fired it up last night and heated up a railroad spike. It would get to bright orange as well.

    Then I went to adjusting on it and now I get to build another burner, because I messed that one up.......oh well better luck next time.

  5. A 3/4" burner fits 350-400 cu/in of furnace volume depending on variables. Putting one in a furnace with too small a volume will produce back pressure that will effect it's performance significantly.

    A too large burner CAN be tuned to run in a small chamber but you'd have to completely retune it if you opened a back door and reduced the back pressure.

    How many cu/in is your forge? It's something you need to calculate before you build the burner.


    After you gave this advice earlier, I measured the chamber and found it to be About 135 cu/in. I then made my burner a 1/2 in burner. I can remove the back door. I also just ordered some Kaewool to insulate it.
    Any and all advice is recieved

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