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  1. draw your arch / radius on a plate weld tabs FB or angle to that plate then use that Jig / tool to hot bend what you need to do ! then heat some bend some heat some more bend some more use a bending fork make one mine is adjustable
  2. search for Mark aspery sp ? best hammer control I have seen ! Master Smith ! if you can see him in person GO !!!! we are Very blessed to have Him in are group of Smiths ! you can learn so Much from Him
  3. P/B Blaster use it all the time in welding shop on farm eqt
  4. well I am In Crescent City IronWolf Forge we could play Steve,xxxxxxxxxxx just saw the post today Send a PM with your number
  5. google anvil repair Rod Gunther it is the right way to fix an anvil ! I have repaired over 100 this way with No problems or come backs !
  6. Just to let you folks know Flex o vit make really makes Good/ Great grinding wheels stainless & fast cut they Really last a long time !! believe me I do a lot of grinding !! Well worth the cost !!
  7. He Will Be Misted Here ! We have talk often He is now Dancing In The Wind with the Other Blacksmiths that Played here For A Short time RIP Dave ~~ ? Can A Blacksmith Really Rest ???
  8. nice jig ! if you have a Tig welder thats what I would use No clean up then !
  9. the bark texture spring tool is not very good I have one texture doesn't go deep enough into the steel that said there is a wood texture spring tool that looks like wood I have that two & use it often Grant S / Iron Anvil here made them back then we talked about re-doing the wood bark one but he past soon after that talk off center forge - Blacksmith Depot has them now
  10. yes they make an .045 Al Tig rod they mite make a .035 But Thats is small & hard to see !!! if your welding 6061 Al you need 5056 Rod 4043 Rod will try & crack in the center of weld to soft a rod for 6061 ck welding supply in your area may not have it on shelf but they should be able to order it & yes all mig wire is the same thing in tig rod just in rolls & tig rods are straight 3' long
  11. mig or Tig will work could torch weld just take,s more time also
  12. could rework that into a dishing hammer ?
  13. thats Shelby tubing sold by the " NOT cheap !! stuff -- great for building any type pipe hing for say a dump bed also could use for hoist swing arm hing just need a pin i would put to the side to nice to forge just cause for blacksmithing have no good Ideas sorry ! Steve's Welding
  14. Not you LOL I was just saying most folks I tend to ever so often do it the hard way then look @ it Then the Brain /? asks why did we just do that way instead of the Easy Way LOL
  15. IronWolf


    I Love the Idea !! Great work ! I think that Idea could sell well ! A fire pit with soul
  16. You Know Frosty sometimes you Forget the Simple way to do things and then Do It the Hard way !! LOL
  17. Yep John dialed it in , I have done this & works well for cast iron * Henrod torch is SO Cool !! Great for brazing also !! & can cut as Good as a Plasma torch once you get used to it & run's on 4 Psi ox/ac so saves gas money for something else ! I hardly ever use my victor torch anymore Steve's Welding
  18. Ok will play with your Idea I still have more parts in the bucket ?? should next one be a bit higher than the first one or the same or as close as the tubing crush will allow
  19. No way to make a match pair the crush tubing does what it wants you are there for the ride No piece is the same no matter how hard I try LOL
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