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  1. well I am In Crescent City IronWolf Forge we could play Steve,xxxxxxxxxxx just saw the post today Send a PM with your number
  2. google anvil repair Rod Gunther it is the right way to fix an anvil ! I have repaired over 100 this way with No problems or come backs !
  3. Just to let you folks know Flex o vit make really makes Good/ Great grinding wheels stainless & fast cut they Really last a long time !! believe me I do a lot of grinding !! Well worth the cost !!
  4. He Will Be Misted Here ! We have talk often He is now Dancing In The Wind with the Other Blacksmiths that Played here For A Short time RIP Dave ~~ ? Can A Blacksmith Really Rest ???
  5. nice jig ! if you have a Tig welder thats what I would use No clean up then !
  6. the bark texture spring tool is not very good I have one texture doesn't go deep enough into the steel that said there is a wood texture spring tool that looks like wood I have that two & use it often Grant S / Iron Anvil here made them back then we talked about re-doing the wood bark one but he past soon after that talk off center forge - Blacksmith Depot has them now
  7. yes they make an .045 Al Tig rod they mite make a .035 But Thats is small & hard to see !!! if your welding 6061 Al you need 5056 Rod 4043 Rod will try & crack in the center of weld to soft a rod for 6061 ck welding supply in your area may not have it on shelf but they should be able to order it & yes all mig wire is the same thing in tig rod just in rolls & tig rods are straight 3' long
  8. mig or Tig will work could torch weld just take,s more time also
  9. Yea Nice Design Keep It Up !
  10. could rework that into a dishing hammer ?
  11. thats Shelby tubing sold by the " NOT cheap !! stuff -- great for building any type pipe hing for say a dump bed also could use for hoist swing arm hing just need a pin i would put to the side to nice to forge just cause for blacksmithing have no good Ideas sorry ! Steve's Welding
  12. Not you LOL I was just saying most folks I tend to ever so often do it the hard way then look @ it Then the Brain /? asks why did we just do that way instead of the Easy Way LOL