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  1. Steve's welding 7018 more than likely will crack though the middle of weld try 110-18 or better rod ! or look it stoody rod book for better rod to use
  2. anvil repair costs?

    I have repair welded over a 100+ anvil's & still do time to time & there done right & there in new condition when I am done ! I had to repair my first PW & it snow balled from there LOL I weld for a living -Thomas is close on time it would take looks more like 15 GOOD Hrs my cost would be around $400. + depending on anvil & that one looks Hurt some dummy with a Torch again !! why people do that is beyond me But I have fixed worse ! Rod Gunther is the way to go & rod is not cheap ! & you use a lot then grind it off LOL
  3. Anyone else used tip tig?

    Interesting tool mig - tig Hum I have done a Ton of tig work in my life ! would like to run one & see ? if they have to x ray a 28 pound set up they need better Tig welders lol
  4. Hello from the great Northwest

    warning blacksmith are not Sane people just look @ there shop & all the Junk Piles outside LOL
  5. Titanium-Gold Alloy 4 times stronger than Titanium

    I have seen flowers made from it & it ac/ox torch color's real nice !!
  6. Anyang 120

    you can also take the sow block off & fill that void with sand also help with noise my ply & rubber mat between hammer & base have a 8" hole in them so I can fill both after I take sow block off
  7. Digit-al card holder

    YEP that card holder Go's with the hand simple Good Idea !!! Looks like it belongs there to
  8. Digit-al card holder

    VERY Nice Hand !!! I have no Idea how to set it up to hold card though maybe something on the end ????
  9. when you get to the point of cutting the sow block down to new size you mite want to ck into a propane ox cutting set up most scrapers that cut thick stuff thats what they use just a thought I have both & think propane cuts cleaner than ac just slower can't push it Steve's Welding
  10. I am in ! I need to build 2 forge's a small piece work forge & a clam shell type forge for plate work working on design any Idea & Pic's welcome !!
  11. Hi Guys!

    Nice to see you here even for a short time & Remember !!! when frustrated instead of tearing the books apart ! Hitting HOT metal has a relaxing affect
  12. Tell the scraper's to put that wrought off two the side its sell able & not made anymore ! $$ a lot of folks looking for it out there ! as to the scrap thing -- when you Can't fit anymore in the back field or when you're 6'under ?? I think LOL also I have yet to find a group that has the same mental problem that meets locally LOL
  13. Newbie from CA

    welcome where in Ca ? crescent city here Northern Ca !
  14. The Lovers

    I am just Not going to get Hook into this conversation LOL
  15. Grinder screens

    that hammer has to be good steel more than likely In-pack grade steel ask supplier of new replacement hammer's should know