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  1. IronWolf

    Simple candle holder

    Yea Nice Design Keep It Up !
  2. IronWolf

    Any ideas what this type of hammer is for?

    could rework that into a dishing hammer ?
  3. thats Shelby tubing sold by the " NOT cheap !! stuff -- great for building any type pipe hing for say a dump bed also could use for hoist swing arm hing just need a pin i would put to the side to nice to forge just cause for blacksmithing have no good Ideas sorry ! Steve's Welding
  4. IronWolf

    Locating Center of round stock

    Not you LOL I was just saying most folks I tend to ever so often do it the hard way then look @ it Then the Brain /? asks why did we just do that way instead of the Easy Way LOL
  5. IronWolf

    New here

    where from ?
  6. IronWolf


    I Love the Idea !! Great work ! I think that Idea could sell well ! A fire pit with soul
  7. IronWolf

    Locating Center of round stock

    You Know Frosty sometimes you Forget the Simple way to do things and then Do It the Hard way !! LOL
  8. Yep John dialed it in , I have done this & works well for cast iron * Henrod torch is SO Cool !! Great for brazing also !! & can cut as Good as a Plasma torch once you get used to it & run's on 4 Psi ox/ac so saves gas money for something else ! I hardly ever use my victor torch anymore Steve's Welding
  9. IronWolf

    Crushed Candle Stick with Cattails

    Ok will play with your Idea I still have more parts in the bucket ?? should next one be a bit higher than the first one or the same or as close as the tubing crush will allow
  10. IronWolf

    Crushed Candle Stick with Cattails

    No way to make a match pair the crush tubing does what it wants you are there for the ride No piece is the same no matter how hard I try LOL
  11. IronWolf

    Crushed Candle Stick with Cattails

    2"x 2" Sq Tube heated & crushed in 70 Hyd Press - Cattails are copper pipe & textured RS - Base is 1/4 plate stacked - in the back ground is outside forge area + portable side draft twree forge the table is 3" Tc 5'x 9' almost 6000 Lb LOL - just rebuilt a Railroad forge 2'x 3'also so now I can have group meetings outside or inside the shop
  12. IronWolf

    Memorial garden work

    ? on the Bench Fb's did you make a jig to bend them ? & can we see A pic of that tool ? or how did you bend so many the same ?
  13. what I did with ALL my anvil's was to weld in a SQ tubing in to the Lg anvils hardie holes that my 1" hardie tools would fit in to - on the ones that were smaller than 1" I took die grinder A 12 of beer & some time to grind to 1" LOL = one size hardie tools that fit any of my 5 anvils you can do this OR make another Set of tools !