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  1. IronWolf

    Memorial garden work

    ? on the Bench Fb's did you make a jig to bend them ? & can we see A pic of that tool ? or how did you bend so many the same ?
  2. what I did with ALL my anvil's was to weld in a SQ tubing in to the Lg anvils hardie holes that my 1" hardie tools would fit in to - on the ones that were smaller than 1" I took die grinder A 12 of beer & some time to grind to 1" LOL = one size hardie tools that fit any of my 5 anvils you can do this OR make another Set of tools !
  3. IronWolf

    Drip Oiler

    what kind of hammer ?
  4. IronWolf

    Cutting Plate?

    put a piece of hard rubber belting under plate it works well & will kill some of the noise - Rock crusher belt works really good
  5. IronWolf

    Question on brass horn repair.

    the fix is - Low Temp solder ! clean area of all old solder use scraper if need be ! & I mean REALLY Clean !!! is a must - propane or butane torch low heat ! wet rags around other solder joints in the area ! Heat is not your friend in this cool is it can be tricky not to melt the other joints just did something like this 4 month ago was shown how by a Master Sliver smith a good friend of mine Steve's Welding
  6. IronWolf

    Johnson no 118 furnace

    is it a trench forge type ? like 6'W about 3'L ?? if so there brick lined ** & I would cut the front out & keep lid on top closed or small gap to cut down on dragon breath
  7. IronWolf

    Any use for forge scale?

    scale will prevent steel from forge welding together ! so if you were making a bell out of pipe you would put some in pipe and flatten pipe then draw/flare out to bell shape then open up & finish shape + also stuff above It has use's
  8. I use 1105 have had no problem with it even if I build it up past what they say is good ! 2110 is a bit harder One day I will get some & use on the edges
  9. if you plan to make a lot of these your going to have to make press type tooling just for it Idea weld some hole slugs together then weld to bottom dish then cut hole in top dish die & taper slug stack so pieces will not lock down into jig also mite need punch out hole so you can get part out of jig a bit of work to make ! should work though ! Ho use forging lube to will help in removing part from jig
  10. I have repaired Anvil's Much Worse !! & Have done Over 100 + in 20 some years & Not 1 complaint !! so repair done right Work's / If you can weld ?? it does take a lot of time !! I also talked to Stoody's Rod Tech's back then just to make sure &*** That was Before I heard of Rod G !! Steve's Welding & Repair - Fab & Blacksmithing the need for My First Anvil started me down that LONG Road I have anvils in 6 states that I know of
  11. IronWolf

    Brake material

    it looks like brake pad material that you can buy in sheets @ place's like a truck or heavy Eqt shop ! I us this for brake's on Lg farm field earagation sprinklers that looks like its full !!! of grease or oil & wet ! its a brake should be dry to a point buy some brake clean spray that should get it cleaner ? PS or replace with new pad & rivet = copper or brass to steel piece thats what I do when needed
  12. IronWolf

    New Golfer's Deck Gate

    Tom Like that Idea will put it in the file folder for next time ! I was going to weld a golf club head to the top of a cattail it look good but the heads I have left Not weldable Darn ! also wanted to put a ball in it somewhere but customer likes it as is so that's as far as we go then LOL But I see some more cattail stuff coming ! thinking wall sconce
  13. IronWolf

    New Golfer's Deck Gate

    Built this for a customer there Heavy ! into Golfing & Like Cattail's Cattails are Copper & textured steel stem & leafs are 1/8 x 1/2 FB run through texturing die's The Frame is 1"x2"x1/8"rec tube Bend the Old School was between to pieces of lg pipe welded to my Big 5000.- lb welding table the other Gate is a Copper Tulip & Brass Rose Garden Gate done a few year's ago just to make something Neat ! cause I can
  14. IronWolf

    Wet lands/river railing.

    Nice lots of things happening in that rail
  15. IronWolf

    Back on line

    welcome back Billy -- is Bill Epps still around ? if so tell him hello from IW !