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  1. Back on line

    welcome back Billy -- is Bill Epps still around ? if so tell him hello from IW !
  2. Anvil face is not level.

    1/2" out of level on the feet is a lot !! I would grinded flat ? I need to see it ! or add to / & weld shim ? IN the end it Need's to be level no mater what ! some anvil I have repaired need to have bottom ground flat to sit right ! its just a casting or forging thing never done when new ! no problem
  3. Need Anvil Repair Advice

    sorry Boat Anchor cast Iron not fixable thinking Fisher anvil ??
  4. Hello for Northern California

    I am A Bit further / deeper in the Redwood curtain than you LOL hear in Crescent City if you ever get up this way look me up Steve's Welding & Fab + Blacksmithing I am a member of the Jefferson Smiths A local group northern Ca & southern Or there are Smiths in your area I know if you want to know more Info PM a ph# Steve
  5. Think like a Farmer Now That's Funny yep I do work for a few Farmer's that's the funny part ! they tend to cost them self's more time & money Thinking !!
  6. layout /work tables

    I like it !!! & think I have 4'' H beam in the pile have to ck that out soon ! better set up then I do ! Well Heck LOL -- PS & you can get a clamp anywhere on the project @ hand with that ! can't do that on a flat table / Man I own you a Beer
  7. Nice tooling ! yes on the handle thing though !
  8. Nice I like the Idea I always weld clamps as needed to table but then you to to un-weld & grind table top flat again have to think about this idea down the road
  9. Frosty's under the Weather

    a good way to get better Cabin Fever I can't take this anymore let me Out I have to do something just a little slower !! sound like a Blacksmith Frosty LOL
  10. Gravel Pit? Also forging curtains?

    I have concrete a floor with rubber convener belts from rock crusher's all around welding table & forge area they can take white hot metal drop on them real good just smoke a bit & is better than standing on the concrete that hot a horse mat will melt
  11. unknown tongs need help

    nose piercing tong's
  12. Steve's welding 7018 more than likely will crack though the middle of weld try 110-18 or better rod ! or look it stoody rod book for better rod to use
  13. anvil repair costs?

    I have repair welded over a 100+ anvil's & still do time to time & there done right & there in new condition when I am done ! I had to repair my first PW & it snow balled from there LOL I weld for a living -Thomas is close on time it would take looks more like 15 GOOD Hrs my cost would be around $400. + depending on anvil & that one looks Hurt some dummy with a Torch again !! why people do that is beyond me But I have fixed worse ! Rod Gunther is the way to go & rod is not cheap ! & you use a lot then grind it off LOL
  14. Anyone else used tip tig?

    Interesting tool mig - tig Hum I have done a Ton of tig work in my life ! would like to run one & see ? if they have to x ray a 28 pound set up they need better Tig welders lol
  15. Hello from the great Northwest

    warning blacksmith are not Sane people just look @ there shop & all the Junk Piles outside LOL