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  1. Maybe a small unfolded cross? There are some blueprints on here I believe, if not there are some other threads on crosses. The unfolded is made from one piece. I not sure how small you can make them though. I sure someone will chime in with actual experience.
  2. Ok, I think I found some help. How to Build a Cosplay Sword Looks like fiber glass construction. Have fun!
  3. A 5' long, 12" wide blade would be difficult to pick up let alone "swing it around for a while". I agree with oakwoodforge and Tom P. If it's for Cosplay style stuff, there is tons of info out there on display only weaponry.
  4. Check out this thread for some more tips. Hope it helps.
  5. I think, being a disposable item, the edges may have just been butted, and not overlapped. But I am no expert.
  6. I believe the run of the mill 220v Lincoln arc welder will run a carbon arc.
  7. Those may be separate comments. Need help mixing brine (quench) AND need help mixing fuel?
  8. I agree with Forgemaster. The process you described sounds like you are trying to anneal (soften) mild steel. If it is mild steel annealing/hardening procedures will have little effect. a spark test may help.
  9. Someone in my area has posted 3 pictures on a buy/sell site of a machine he got in an auction. Here's the link. Does Anyone Know What this Machine is ??????? He is unsure of what the machine does. It looks like a bender maybe, with a foot treadle. He has this to say.. "I am not sure what this machine is used for. I purchased it at an auction along with some Blacksmith equipment. The handle on it has a set of gears the moves the center section. The piece in the middle is made of 1/4 inch brass and does not look like it was ever sharpend, so it don't think it was used to cut anything. Let me know what you think......" Thought you folks would have a few opinions!
  10. I'm a big fan of lists. I work an office job through the week, and I don't get out to the garage very often until the weekend. I torture myself all week by making lists of things I'd like to make or do, then by the time the weekend hits, I have about 2 months worth of "to do's" . Aim high I guess.
  11. In the book "The Complete Modern Blacksmith" By Alexander G. Weygers, there is a section on making files, though he states "It is not difficult to make a fairly crude file, but handmade files cannot compete with machine-made industrial ones." He shows how he makes files from high carbon steel. He anneals it, makes the groves with a cold chisel (at the proper angle for the particular file) then harden. Haven't tried it myself.
  12. You may need to choke your air back a bit too? Sch. 40 pipe or black pipe comes with assorted tees and other fittings in various diameters. It should be available from local hardware or plumbing stores.
  13. When I worked at a steel fab shop (mostly bridges) we were required to brace any thin gauge materials before galving. Mostly things like troughs. The fellas would tack weld on a few cross braces, and nip them off later. Other options we tried were spray galv (spray cans) and metalizing (expensive). Metalizing was pretty neat, it was like powder coating but with metal.
  14. Can you slit it a bit wider then just close it up up with a few hammer blows?
  15. I seem to badly cut/gouge myself about every 5 years, so I'm always up to date! Always my left hand too. The nurse said that she usually sees people injuring their weak (opposite) hand as it often becomes the 'clamp'. Guilty.