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  1. Hello all.  I'm Chadwick Avery from San Antonio, TX.  I'm a newbie to metalwork, but it has quickly become my passion as I've learned more about how to manipulate metal.  I started off welding with oxyacetylene and quickly found myself needing a forge to apply a whole lot more heat.


    I enjoy picking through the local scrapyards and making artistic/handy items from what I find... which seems to be called "steampunk" these days.  I have a shop on Etsy  and eBay where you can peruse some of the items I've made.  I also build/buy/sell/trade coal/coke forges and the like on Craigslist.  Perhaps most notably, I have several tons of anthracite coal that I'm chipping away at via several ads/storefronts throughout the interwebs (and yes, this is one of the reasons I build forges... to sell coal).  


    Another point of interest is the US Cavalry forge that I recently found in an antique shop (I foolishly started a thread about it, looking for documentation, when there were already several... typical rookie mistake, I suppose.  As I live in close proximity to Ft Sam Houston, there are ongoing talks about putting the forge in their museum.  I hope this will happen, but I can't just donate it.   I have to recover my cost and it is, therefore, for sale to any collectors out there.  I wouldn't forge in it unless I were involved in war re-enactments... though it's in perfect working condition.  I'd rather just look at it and show it off!


    That's all for now.  I just wanted to say hello.





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