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  1. Yeah the guy said he did it, and has used it that way for 20 years. He was getting old (about 75) and had a lot of medical problems now. But he says the welded rod goes to about 2 inches away from the bottom of the stump. It doesn't really rock at all. But for now it basically does what we need... And the guy was kinda sad to see it go...
  2. Yeah your right. It does look like that one. But I wonder what it is though?
  3. Thanks for the replies! Here's the close ups of the sides. Sorry about the lighting on two of them... If you want any other pics just ask.. thanks.
  4. Hi all, new on I Forge Iron, recently my father and I got into blacksmithing, and we needed an anvil. All we had was a square block of iron. No horn or anything.. well anyways we picked one up off craigslist today and its in decent shape, minus the base. It looks like it was cut or broken at the waist, and a rod was welded to it, and drilled down into the stump its sitting on. The guy made a wood block to fit around the bottom. Anyways, the things has gotta be near 200#. It took us both to move it in and out of my truck with difficulty. Theres no name or weight on it, and its about overall
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