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  1. Great information thank you!!!! Now where exactly do I look for tempering? Temp and time
  2. Arftist thanks a lot that's good advice maybe I'll try calling The Timken Co. For any information
  3. Thank you for your comments. I plan on getting a real anvil eventually but this one was free. And the machinist who made has no smithing experience and this came from 6" round stock so he couldn't do a proper horn with the piece of scrap he had but all in all it has two 90 degree edges and two curved. But The only information that he gave me was that it's called 3311 and it's similar to 4140 Timken makes it specifically for the tooling i don't know if there is a spec sheet for it! So what would anyone else do heat treat or no?
  4. Hello my names Marty I'm a noob and trying to get into blacksmithing I have a couple nice hammers and a friend that works at a machine shop that made me an anvil he makes tooling dies for Timken but he made this anvil from special made tool steel it's called 3311 I can't find any information on it he told me it's similar to 4140 steel but all I want to know is if I should heat treat to harden it or just leave it be and use it how it is the anvil it's self is 5in tall 5.5in wide and 10in long and weighs a good 40-50 lbs if I were to heat treat it would be in a coal forge and cascading water but I need advice and tips please help
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