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  1. Here's the link: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  2. Hey Guys, I'd like to thank everyone that helped, and I'd like to show you my very first knife. It doesn't seem too functional, but I'm proud of it nonetheless . Now the specs.: Blade: It's carbon steel with a forced patina Handle: PVC, boiled and ground into shape, Pins: Some old nails I had laying around. Feel free to tell me how and where I messed up.
  3. Hey guys, a quick update on the knife: I finished it, using "Appalachian Ivory" and am going to make a separate thread with pictures of the finished product. Feel free to tell me how badly I messed up. No need to start another thread, just to make us merge them
  4. Yeah, I guess you are right. :) If I mess up parking over the pvc, I'll take apart an old labtop and some old mp3 players.
  5. Has anyone done that before? It seems too papery to me.
  6. I wish I could some of that, but no one has hardwood flooring here. And houses are all made of cement, so none of that stuff either. I think I'll just use the corian, The pvc flattening has me frazzled.
  7. Yeah, I read that, but I'm alright with it. It sounds like peening the pins in can be a pain, though.
  8. ^^^ Cool, thanks for the help. I've been having this problem with the pvc, I can't seem to get it fully flat. Am I supposed to leave it the boiling water until it softens or for how much longer? By the time I clamp it down it's already half stiff.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for all the responses, I'm going to try making scales from some pvc pipe I had laying around, but I'm also going to try to get some corian in case something goes wrong with the pvc. What kind of glue should I use? Just normal contact cement? I appreciate every reply.
  10. You mean that fake rock looking stuff? How does it deal with heat? I have an uncle that makes countertops. And sorry for the double post, my phone got wonky.
  11. We don't really have that many boats, most people that have boats are fishermen and people here just fish by the lake or rivers. We have redheart but there aren't really any lumber spots to buy stuff. Butcher is a good idea. I'll see If I can find one.
  12. I made this blade and then I realised there is no hardwood in my area. I'd like to make micarta but I don't think people use fiberglass resin in Puerto Rico for much, so I can't find that in the hardware store. Any Ideas? Forgot to mention that the delivery services don't ship here so I can't just buy blanks. I'd really like some help guys.
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