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  1. what I was Tring to do was make my wife a cost hook that I said I would make a year ago the leaf design was spur of the moment because I wanted it thinner to be easer to screw down to the barn wood in using as a backer I will tri what uall said mane tomarro I'll have a chance to fire the forge back up in a ac guy so it's crazy at times during the summer
  2. thx for the advise the frist thing was a knife last year just some spike ones but still
  3. be easy on me uall frist time at the anvil ever and frist time beside the forge in 8 months let me know what uall think done two of them all I had as a chisel was a rr spike there for my house
  4. ok I'll lol and see tomarro when I dig the side walk chalk out
  5. that's good info what years was the anvil and vice made
  6. thx uall that's what I though it was after looking on inter web thx but I guess I'll just have to learn from my screw ups lmao heres pic of my vise I'll tri some chalk tried flour didn't do good
  7. my brother found this yesterday and called me shoot me a pic and I bought it and a Indian chief vise for 300 bucks the stand and hold down come with it
  8. Goblin79


    Has any of y'all made a ulu if so what unexpected stuff did u run in to and what was the hardest part I'm going to be using curicular saw blades and just cut and grind them out
  9. My bad wrong tremaogey temper in over I normaellize it and the quenched it per Steves post in heat treating Sorry bout my spelling
  10. Made from old rasp most is forge work the only grinder I have is a bench so I had to a lot with a stone heat treated in oven per instructions on here handle will be paracord
  11. not my girlfreind thats my daughter
  12. I've not heat treated it it's a sharp letter opener lol thx uall
  13. This is my frist knife yes it's a spike but I had a great helper this my my girl anvil and knife
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