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  1. That eBay 1053 anvil is not tool steel as they claim. It is carbon/ medium steel. It can only harden to about an Hrc 40 unless it is case hardened which won't be tough enough for most anvils.
  2. I put wood under my stand legs so they don't grind up the concrete floor. It also can be raised or lowered with different sizes of blocks. I have four legs and just tap a wood shim under one if needed to stabilize it. I do the same with stumps. Usually need two shims for them. Your stand looks great. Nicely done.
  3. Is this for fun or work? An LLC vs private?
  4. I have dealt with long business names. Total pain! Try to keep it short like Forge 3:16 or Holy Iron. (Feel free to use those. I got my name and have no idea what denomination you prefer). Write down key words on a paper and share it with folks. Take your time with it. Good luck.
  5. Helmut is a Master who can take on the most challenging of task. You may enjoy watching his techniques and artistry. I find him inspiring. He has many more videos. Iron to live with.
  6. I found a brake grease that claimed it was fire proof up to 3000°. It is silicone with ceramic. So I thought it would make an amazing punch lube. Wrong! It caught fire, gummed up and like all silicone made everything within 5 ft. slick. After a wipe down with contractors solvent I pulled out my old can of anti-seeze compound. WOW!! Need I say more? Don't waste your time or money. I hope this helps at least one person. Hammer On!
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