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  1. I really like the wrapped handles. I tried a couple of times. Watched the videos on how to do it, got started and then the brain went spazo! I could not get it right for nothing. Yours are all well done.
  2. I did exactly the same thing when I started out. Just used a sledge head, mounted in a holder similar to yours. Take your time and it will work just fine. I also made several greenwood bowl turning tools.
  3. Not at all, if I was in my shop, would have gladly checked it out for you. Neil
  4. Lou my forge is up country about 300 kilometers away from Bangkok where I work, so wont be back for a couple of weeks. Easy way is just to shoot Glen an email, he will give you all of the details. Neil
  5. Lou, I have a complete set of his handled top tools and am really happy with them. They work flawlessly and as you said I think are really well priced.
  6. Yes it is really nice. Check out Glen at GS Tongs dot com. He make a lot of really nice tools.
  7. lyuv - I had mine made by GS tongs, very reasonable and really a nice punch.
  8. Yes, from Glen, GS Tongs. Nicely made and very functional.
  9. It is a local wood called Mae Daeng. Very heavy and dense. It is tough to even drill a pilot hole for a screw! So perfect for this application.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. The weird part is in terms of steel cost. Here for this small size, I can buy SS for about the same price as S50C. Machining becomes the cost factor. Your block looks very versatile BTW.
  11. Yep Glen does a good job reasonable prices and great quality. Old pic of fired up:I spent all last week getting stuff moved around and set up and did not even get around to light it up. The other pic is a holder for the top tools:
  12. Yep, I kind of thought about this after it was all done. The top two layers of the stand are oriented at 90 degrees, but should have made them grain up. But this is removable so I could change it. The rest of the stand is kind of like a box. It is filled with gravel and sand. So it is pretty darn solid. See the other reply on the anvil. Not yet, will check that out in a couple of weeks when I am back up country.
  13. Only for this shot. I just moved everything all around so I cleaned up and moved all of the other stuff behind the camera! Yes from GS Tongs. I really like them, very versatile and really gives you a solid grip.
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