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    Ridgeland SC..near Hilton Head Island
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    Finishing up one year in Iraq as a contractor ready to go home!!
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    Camping, woodworking
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    Boat captain, Concrete finisher, network administrator, EMT
  1. Thanks everyone for the kinds words and advise, NC Cooter Ill try to get in touch when I get back and see when a good time to check out some of what you do is. Thanks again everyone James
  2. Im near hilton head inland some close to savanna Ga, but as I said can travel to any fairs , workshops etc. Im actually a contractor out here wirking for the Army, but I agree the military deserves all the credit in the world. As I look thru the site I see lots of interesting things that can be done with blacksmithing, so I will take your advise and keep my eyes open and scour the pages for ideas. Thanks Again James
  3. I am currently in Iraq and am about to go home for good. I have a house with a back yard large enough to put a nice size shop in. I no nothing about blacksmithing, I am interested in making knives...especially the folded over type similar to the sameri swords. I am really open to any ideas. I would love to find a ways to make a hobby into small income producing occupation. I am interested in any books or training or anything that could give me some introduction into this to get me started. I am on the east coast and can travel anywhere on that coast to participate in schools, workshops, fairs
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