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  1. Rebound was tested with a large ball peen hammer. My small hammer seems to have disappeared, but I know who has it. I'm gonna check with a metal salvage yard tomorrow for a loose ball bearing.
  2. Thanks Glenn. A review of many of the above classes that you list reveals that the classes and/or programs do not exist anymore (Elkins, Waverly, Beckley, etc). I spent a few hours yesterday looking into many of the classes listed on the ABA website.The classes in PA are 2-3 hours away. The Cedar Lakes event looks promising but there is almost no information available yet.
  3. Thanks for the data The local junior colleges, vocal and technical colleges, etc. all over 2-year or 900-hour courses. Charleston in more than 2 hours away. Will have to go the DIY route. Thanks!
  4. Interested in blacksmithing, but want to get some basic welding skills first. All of the welding classes in my area seem to be 2-year or 900-hour welding programs. This includes technical schools, adult education facilities, etc. How do you go about getting some basic instruction? I am not interested in 900 hours of instruction.
  5. I bought it. It's a beauty, after an encounter with a stiff wire brush and a soaking in Evapo-Rust. Rebound 30-40%. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  6. My newly-acquired Trenton. Maybe someone could help me with determining what kind of Trenton this is, the date of manufacture, and other pertients that you might notice. Serial number is 76635 stamped on the right front base. The number 146 is stamped on the left front base, along with a strange logo. I guess 146 is the weight. What is the strange logo on the front left base? The depression in the base is an hourglass. The Trenton logo is stamped on the side, but I do not see any other markings. Ring is excellent and rebound is about 30-40%. Obtained from a junkyard in Ohio. This
  7. I am looking at a 150-lb. anvil that is clearly stamped Trenton but there is an hourglass-shaped depression on the base. From what I've been reading this is not typical of Trenton anvils. Is this true? Should I be wary of buying this beast? The only other markings that I can make out besides the Trenton stamp on the side is a number on the right side of the front base "760." Gonna take a look at in in person tomorrow.
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