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  1. I have a couple old forge bodies that I retired which I think I will press into service as test subjects. Maybe get a better idea of what will work before I setup and pour the refractory on my final draft. Thanks for the insight Frosty!
  2. Here is the external layout of my forge body right now. Internally I was planning on making the workspace an oval shape cause I have read it will help the heat move more evenly. I have never tried this before so I really don't know how necessary that is. I was keeping the cavity small by design ( 5 inches, at the widest point on of the oval) just to keep the volume down but that size and shape are really both flexible right now. I wanted to wait until I had a good interior design before i fit any burners or poured my refractory. Thank you for your time and Input Frosty, it is much appreciated.
  3. hey guys, I'm building my 2nd, forced air gas forge. My goal is to easily get steel to a welding heat with this one. My plan is for : internal volume of 300 cubic inches and 4 burners. I am figuring this is overkill for this small forge but I want to be certain to get a welding temperature with this forge. Does anyone have any tips for making a hot burning forge or perhaps some criticism on my forge plan?
  4. haha yeah not the best use of the word minimalist. Simply put the fewer rescources I can use to accomplish a task the better. The more efficient I can accomplish a task the happier I am. But I got everything I needed today in town except for my propane hose, I have to order that one it turns out. Should give me time to get the forge set up and ready.
  5. That is kinda what I was looking for in this forge build, I am a minimalist at heart. Going to town today to pick up the pieces I need to put everything together.
  6. 250 cu/inches was my target forge size.
  7. Thanks for all the info Frosty, you have given me alot to think about. I will be sure to check back in as Im sure I will have more questions as I go.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply and the tips Frosty. Is there anything specific I should be using for a regulator or gas line? I have seen some people make mention that it is important to be able to regulate your flame like on a torch. But I didnt know if spending money on a nice regulator would produce a noticeable difference.
  9. Im trying to put together my first gas forge at the moment. Up until now I have just used a solid fuel forge but because I would like to forge more often in my current situation the best option for me was to build a gas forge. I decided to attempt a build on a forced air burner. From what I read they seemed better option for controling the fire. I just want to build a small forge and am still uncertain what Diameter I should make all my pipe and fittings, for greatest efficiency, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.