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  1. If it is the berylium bronze, the dust can be hazardous to breathe, if you sand or dress it with a grinder. At least I have read somewhere that it is.
  2. Hey man. I tried sending you a PM, but apparently you cannot get any messages at this time. Anyways I sent you an email. Talk to you later.

  3. It's actually a farrier's turning hammer, according to my trusty ole' Sears, roebuck and Co catalog reprint. I posted this photo some time ago here in a discussion, although I can't find the post to link to.
  4. Bravo, Bravo....clap clap clap. All joking aside, I want everyone on this thread to know I respect all of you and your experience in the craft. I also vow to never ask a repetitively asked question, at least without searching the forum first. LOL. Keep up the good work fellas!
  5. I don't know Peyton. If it's real Confederate money, I'd take it. That stuff is outrageous in price due to collectors.
  6. Great job on the rack, Bart. See ya at the spring conference.
  7. AIDA Adaptable, Individually Designed Anvil because anyone can configure it like they want it.
  8. Here's some more name fodder (I could use some tongs, myself!): 1. The PLETHORA-one tool, many options. 2. Grant's Adapt-O-Block - How you move metal just got changed. 3. The EVOLUTION-even tools can evolve. (I Know, close to anvolution). 4. Swagecutfullerous Drawbendmaximus-retire your old dinosaur, there's a new beast in the wild.
  9. Here are a couple threads I found about insurance and smithing. May be helpful to your situation. http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f7/insurance-dead-stop-7347/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f11/covering-yourn-backside-8991/
  10. Here's a couple I did this afternoon out of 1/4 inch keystock. I went by the chart posted earlier to make the bigger one. Kind of spindly looking, IMO. The small one is another cut down to make a pendant for a friend. I think it looks better with the size of the stock used.
  11. I like it! Interesting mix of materials and styles.
  12. Excellent photo tutorial. Even I could understand the steps. Nice job, I like the handle being left as cable.
  13. No, if the condition is good. Are the edges chipped bad? Is there parts of the face missing? Pics would be helpful. Price varies greatly due in part to condition, maker, size, etc. PM me if you don't sell it locally. I may be interested in it.
  14. Now this is more like it, he finally sold it!!!! blacksmith anvil fisher norris vintage 1923 350 pounder - eBay (item 230404438449 end time Dec-02-09 11:27:42 PST) Never got that $4000 plus he wanted, though.
  15. I think we should get back on topic, which is the awesome knife Dave made. Phil, If you want a debate on sharpness, maybe you should start a thread on that. I'm sure a lot of folks would chime in. I've always been curious myself about the difference.
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