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  1. Hey Rusty, I’ve had a pacemaker installed since 2014, and here’s what I would strongly recommend. First, check with the device manufacturer. Most have recommendations and guidelines regarding their respective devices, and what activities are safe to do, as well as identifying unsafe activities. In my case, the device is manufactured by Boston Scientific, and they publish recommendations on MIG, TIG, Stick and plasma cutting. If you do a search on a manufacturers name and welding, you’ll find them. This information could be very useful in any decision you get to make regarding which device manufacture to choose, assuming you get a choice. Second, talk with your cardiologist, but be aware that your cardiologist may be unfamiliar with with the device manufacturer’s recommendation regarding welding, so you may have to educate them. As for checking with the maker of your welder, I would not recommend that. I’ve found their advise to vary widely. They are simply not the best resource for information on cardiac pacemakers/ICD’s. Also, I do weld within the constraints my device manufacturer has published.
  2. Take a look at a Tjernlund draft inducer. That's exactly what they're built for, albiet in a wood stove arrangement. I got one I was thinking of using, but with a super sucker hood and 14' of 10" pipe there was no need.
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